Lal Kitab is an ancient book of Hindu Mythology. This book was written in old Urdu. This book was founded on the lying skin of a dead man without any author name. It was founded in the caves of Tibet. This  book then taken by the Persians and then pass to Iran. After sometime this book was translated in Urdu and Hindi. The remedies given in these books are effective in a hour. The remedies in this book are very easy to complete and also a common man can perform it easily. Likewise in case of an afflicted sun, throwing a copper coin in flowing water is very useful. Like this there are many more easy, effective and instant remedies present in the book itself. We have this book. If you will send us your birth detail with your problem we assure you to send the instant remedies of this book.

Lal Kitab remedies/ Upay are affordable, easy and provide quick results. The effect of remedies is unbelievable. It is said that these remedies/ upay are especially suitable for quick results in Kaliyuga as the traditional methods viz. mantra, yagna, japa, havana etc. have become very difficult in this period. The remedies/ upay are as easy in throwing something in running water or establishing something in home. However, beware that Lal Kitab remedies/ upay can also backfire, if not properly studied and performed. That is why one should be very cautious as and when you take shelter of Lal Kitab consultancy. It is advisable to stop performing remedies/ upay immediately if you observer any negative side effects.

We all know that Lal Kitab is excellent system of astrology. It is among very few systems of astrology that can not only foretell accurately but also give remedial solutions to the problem. For predictions, Lal Kitab method is quite similar to some of the Nadi texts of South India. Lal Kitab predictions are mostly based on inter-relation of planets and signs are given almost no importance.

नानक दुखिया सब संसार ! आज संसार में हर आदमी दुखी है ! चाहे अमीर हो या गरीब, बडा हो या छोटा ! हर इंसान को कोई न कोई परेशानी लगी रहती है ! ज्योतिष में इसके लिए कई उपाय सुझाए गए हैं ! जिनको विधि पूर्वक करके हम लाभ उठा सकते हैं !

लाल किताब उत्तर भारत में खास कर पंजाब में बहुत प्रसिद्ध है ! अब इसका प्रचार धीरे-धीरे पूरे भारत में हो रहा है ! इसकी लोकप्रियता का मुख्य कारण इसके आसान, सस्ते और सटीक उपाय हैं ! इसमें कई उपाय ग्रहों की बजाय लक्षणों से बताये जाते हैं


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