We cater exceedingly reliable Foreign Tours/ Settlement solutions in accordance with astrology and various associated sciences. We endeavor to bring out solutions to the problems of the people who want to reconcile overseas but due to some reason or the other they are not able to do so. In addition, we try to eradicate the hurdles in their way, which come due to problems in their horoscope & kundali, etc.
if you are facing any problem in
going foreign for any reason
sattelment in foreign countries
visa problem
business problem in foreign
study base in foreign country
slow down business etc.

so dont worry about these problems just call guru ji and get permanet solution of this kind of problem

Yog of Videsh Yatra

1)Is there going to be any confirmed yog of videsh yatra in my life and if yes then when that will happen and for how long I can be there in a foreign country.

2)When will I get married and will that be an arranged or love marriage.

3)How my marital life would fair?Happy or sad for me?

4)Will I be ever settled in a good job of reputation,if yes then when the chances are.OR Business would be a better option for me in compare to a job?

5)I have a lot of differences with my father on virtually every issue.AT times our hot talks become worst.I don't know how to solve this problem.I think if I will live away from him that will solve this problem but then I can not leave my mother.Do u see any sign of this in my kundli.Pls suggest any remedy for this problem.

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