What is black magic?

Black Magic, also known as necromancy, black art or witchcraft is a branch of magic that's used for evil powers, and mantras of this magic are performed to control and regulate negative powers. There are two types of magic, one is black and other is white. White magic is the one which performed by a person for a positive outcome, and it is not detrimental, and its main aim is to harm anyone but simply to make their wish come true. However, the black art is performed by people for hurting or harming anyone, and the only things that matter a lot of them is the fulfillment of their wish.

Witchcraft spells are powerful acoustic projection of your thoughts, and the impact of these spells will be magnified if a group of people are reciting the same spell with similar intentions. Now, the question is "Why the impact of the spell is magnified" Because it is a game a game of strength of an individual or personal intention, and when many of such personal intention combines, the result becomes stronger.

How It Works?

Some people say that black magic is nothing but strong negative intentions out of anger, and the person who is performing it might not even know if he has cast it or not. For example, if a person out of any strong emotion says, "hope you meet an injury "then the person is casting black witchcraft or if the person say "have a nice day", then the person is casting a white witchcraft. Spells come out of your heart and not my candles and sorcery drawings. All the other things used are just a way to enhance the strength of intentions.

Now, what shall a person do if he is being put into illusion? All the individuals require to do is increase his power by purifying his thoughts and purifying his body as well. Imagine if any negative energy coming towards you and encapsulate it in a ball and throw it towards the sun. After doing this, you need to send positive energy of affection or love and healing towards that one who supposed to hurt you. This kind of thought process will enhance the standard or quality of life on earth and would possibly save the world. Black Magic in India is incredibly common and Indian black magic is really powerful.

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